Melodies stuck inside the head, a song is in every breath!

“Arjun, you have given me the best time of my life. Baby I just love u.. a lot..I’m sure there will come that time when we’ll be together ♡♥ for sure.” -Aisha. He smiled with numb eyes and turned off screen.

Its been more than an year,since he saw her,since he got lost in her eyes,since he played with her hair,since she rested on his shoulder. Everything has fallen apart inside him. The long awaited rays of sunshine are still due to reach Arjun. Aisha is always a constant part of his thoughts.

Aisha told him that she is with another guy. Arjun had no emotions to express.He wasn’t shattered,he wasn’t broken and no tears rolled down his eyes. Arjun treated the situation well, but he was caught in the middle.He caught the edge of the knife and it did hurt just a little. He can never pretend to be just a friend.  He wished her all the happiness. He remembered the time when he made a promise to himself  that her happiness would be priority one under all circumstances. That day he realized, he won’t be able to ever stop loving her. Hearing about that news too, didn’t change anything inside his heart. He loved her when they were not together . He loved her when they were together. And he still loves her when they are not together,again. He made his peace with this fact of his life.

Every girl that Arjun meets, his mind always draw a parallel imagine of Aisha along that girl, and no one fits there. No one can fill that void. He was back in zone of one sided love. The best part of it is that you win daily in one sided relationship and you lose daily in it. He reads all their mails that they wrote together. It’s a place where Arjun resides his fears,his feelings,his happiness and just waits for Aisha to read them.

It was 7th October, Arjun’s birthday. Aisha wished him and along with the message she sent two BLUE HEARTS.”A blue heart symbolizes deep and stable love”. Arjun’s heart still imagined that the blue hearts sent by Aisha did mean the same. In reality, he was sure that he was just overthinking it and just creating a bubble of hope. Though, thinking about that possibility gave him some happiness that midnight.

The journey that started on 17th December, will cover another anniversary this year. It will always be the most special date for Arjun. He will never forget it. The only end of the journey will be with the last breath that Arjun would take. Aisha didn’t do anything wrong,there no good or bad ,there is no villain in his story, but Arjun will always be the hero . He will make something good of his one small meaningless life. One girl came,that girl left. Arjun pulled the trigger to any further relationships.

There are lot of emotions to be answered to. But, he doesn’t stick to them anymore. It is the time to start from the scratch. Arjun is sure that one day all those emotions will be answered,but that’s gonna wait. Even if Arjun is at the cliff of the mountain or fallen into the valley, he will be there for Aisha whenever she needs holding. Aisha is the high that he can’t give up,the only drug in his life. His broken heart can still survive with a touch of her grace. Arjun still thinks what if their love never went away, what if it’s lost behind some words that they couldn’t find.

“If you cannot take a story to an ending,it’s better to give it a beautiful turn and leave. If we ever  meet again, we”ll together write the beautiful beginning,again! You will always owe the same respect and love in my eyes that I had since the first day I saw you. ”










People fade away, not their memories!

When bad time hits, it hits hard. Everything was perfect for Arjun and Aisha. They were on  “seventh cloud”. They shared their good and bad moments. Made promises to hold on to each other through every dusk and dawn. But, little did the two young sixteen year old souls knew, that God had some different plans.

The morning of  2nd July for Arjun made him wish that he never woke up from his sleep. Reading a text from Aisha, made his whole world come to a still. He couldn’t realize what just happened. Shattered into pieces, he remained numb and continued to stare at the dim blue light on his phone and kept reading  the text he had received. Maybe he thought, reading the text again and again might just change the reality.

” We should end this! ” , Arjun had no clue what made Aisha text this. He didn’t know what to do. There was still a week for school to reopen. He tried contacting some of Aisha’s friends, but he had no luck in knowing the reason for the text. One thing that made him settle down a little knowing  that she was fine.

He didn’t call or text her back. He wanted to talk to her face to face. He talked his heart out to his friend, Kabir. Arjun had never opened himself to anyone of his friends, but those seven days brought a lot of changes. Kabir had no clue what to say. He always knew how much his friend loved Aisha. He just held there with Arjun and heard all that he had to say. Arjun open his mail id, a place where both Arjun and Aisha used to write down their feelings and dreamt about a future where they both would read all these mails together. He went to the first post over there, Aisha was the first one to write something. He kept reading all, kept scrolling up. He read the mail of  the day when Aisha first kissed him. He remembered that she held his hand and took him a bit away from everyone. She leaned on her toes, came near his ear and said ” I love you Arjun” and kissed his cheek and ran away. It almost took 2 months for Arjun to kiss her back. He smiled remembering this and few tears rolled down his eyes. Those droplets rolling down had mixed emotions of happiness and sadness. He kept reading and suddenly a notification came. It was written by Aisha few seconds ago. Arjun’s hand were shaking as he was approaching to click on it. He gathered a lot of courage and opened it. He read everything , he read again and again. He got the reason of why she said that this relationship is leading to a no future anymore. He always knew that it would be a hard path to walk upon, it was the road less traveled, but, he was always  believed that they both will walk through the difficulties. They both belonged to different religions. They still dared to have feelings for each other. Hoping that some day the world will understand that religion is for humans , and  humans are not for religion.

Everything was different as school reopened, Arjun maintained a distance for Aisha. The both smiled when together with friends. But only few knew about what was going inside them. Finally, Aisha went and talked to Arjun. She tried to apologize to him. But Arjun didn’t let her do so. He knew that she was not responsible for all this. They were just in  the wrong place at the wrong time. He made up his heart strong and stood along her. Time passed by and his love for Aisha continued to increase day by day. He still believed that Aisha loved him back too. People came to Arjun and told him to let her go from your life, but he never did that, nor will he never do it in future.

29th December 2015, it was the farewell day. The count down had already began. Arjun was counting the number of days left, he would see his Aisha. He didn’t knew where he will land up in the next two months. He was still hoping that everything gets to normal as before. It had been almost 18 months, since Aisha moved apart from him. She was physically present in those 18 months, but deep down in her heart she knew that she was not with Arjun. Arjun was aware of this, but he pretended as everything was fine. She dressed up in a brown saree, her big beautiful eyes were shinning as usual, a dark nail paint beautified her hand even more. She had her hair curl more. She is the most beautiful girl Arjun has ever seen in his life , and on that day he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Aisha saw Arjun and smiled just in the same manner she smiled to him the first day they went out together. After a very long time , Arjun smiled from his heart. They spent a good amount of time together. They both danced together. He held her hand and moved with the soft romantic tunes and their feet moved along. A thought was always there that this could be the last time he is seeing her from so close. Arjun just hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear, “I”ll miss you”.  Aisha just kissed him and went away from there. They both met a few more time after that day along their friends accompanied.

Eventually, both got into different colleges and the conversations now reduced to a limit tending to zero [A mathematically term used when something reduces] . Aisha seemed to be fading away from Arjun, but he is still standing there for her to come and hold his hand. People say that Arjun has not moved on in his life, but in reality only he knows that he has moved on. He is just hoping for his Aisha to come back to him. He has moved on in order to stand up in his life and if someday a miracle happens, he will be there standing tall to hold his Aisha firmly and never let her go again. Arjun will never stop loving his Aisha ever.

Where are you now? Was it just my fantasy? Were you imaginary? Were are you now?

– Alan Walker


[Till here were the events that took place in Arjun’s life . The next parts will be imaginary and full of Arjun’s hopes and dreams.]









Catch the echo of your loved ones, before time flies.

The rains of Mussoorie beautifies the city even more. Watching the sparkling Kempty Falls in rain,the wet patches on Mall Road and the drenched tall pine tree dripping down tiny rain droplets refreshing the tired ground , always gave goosebumps to Arjun. It had again rained that day. Arjun was completely lost and was recollecting the memory of his first walk with Aisha in the rain.

Arjun and his friends had planned a small trek in the acclivity hills of the city. Kabir made sure that Aisha too joins the group. Everything went as planned. It was bright sunny day, a pleasant breeze was blowing across the city, when the group headed off to the trek. Aisha knew that Arjun loved her hair untied,so just to make him happy she let them free. Seeing this brought a smile on Arjun’s face. His eyes spoke his happiness which was rightly understood by Aisha. Actions proved to be more expressive than just words. They were in the phase of knowing about each other more. They never had long hours of chats but their bond was much beyond that. Even hearing  his name  from Aisha made Arjun blush. They kept walking for two hours covering uneven hills paths and finally arrived at there first check point. All were quite tired except Arjun and Aisha. They were enjoying each other’s company which didn’t made them think about their tiredness. After taking some amount of rest,the continued their trek for the final destination,Nag Tibba. As the love-birds were the ones who where least tired, the headed the group and unknowingly gained a good amount of lead from the rest of the group. Their friends where aware about the new developing love between Aisha and Arjun,so even they slowed down. They kept talking and shared  experiences of their lives. The flowers appeared to be smiling as they both were moving, the sun seemed to hide behind the dense clouds. It appeared that even nature was enjoying their presence.As they both were chattering along,Aisha lost her balance due to the uneven path and held Arjun’s arm tightly at that point. This was their first physical contact. Arjun made Aisha sit down on a rock and told her to rest for sometime. He took her bag and cleaned the rock before she sat on it. Aisha sat down and was just looking in Arjun’s eyes. Those eyes spoke volumes of the concern of Arjun for Aisha. He made sure that Aisha hadn’t injury her foot. Arjun kept his hand on her head and asked “Are you fine now?”. The warmth of his hand, made Aisha’s eyes a little wet. Aisha with tears in her eyes said “Yes,now I am fine.” Arjun couldn’t understand the reason for those tears. Just before he was going to ask something, their friends reached to that placed. Zoya, best friend of Aisha rushed up to her and enquired that whether she is fine. All the members relaxed for a couple of minutes and then started to move on. Arjun asked Aisha whether she can walk or she wants to take some more rest. Hearing this Aisha said “I can walk up any path if you are there to hold me in difficult times.” She stood up and padded Arjun’s back and with a beautiful smile said “Lets move,Arjun.” Arjun was deeply touched on hearing these words from her. As they both resumed walking, Arjun said”I promise to be with you in every stone you have to cross in your life. Always keep faith in me!” Aisha happily replied “Yes,I will always.”Now everyone had arrived at Nag Tibba . Everyone was now enjoying the view. The snow-covered mountains looked crystal clear, the city appeared so jubilant from that height. Everyone was capturing such memories in their phones and cameras except Arjun. Arjun had just clicked a picture of Aisha with those white mountains in background. Aisha went up to him and asked “why aren’t you capturing this amazing  scenery?” Arjun looked deep into her eyes and said” I want to live this moment. I have stored this in my heart.” This made Aisha so aware that Arjun was extremely soughed out in life,he knew how to enjoy the present situation and not think about the future concern’s. Aisha then sat down with him and they both were now looking that those mountains. A cold breeze started to blow which made Aisha’s hair play on Arjun’s face. On seeing this,she was about to tie them up, but Arjun stopped her. He was enjoying the feel of her hair on his cheeks. Arjun placed his hand a bit closer to Aisha. She slowly kept her hand on his. None of them spoke. They held each other’s hand and kept sitting there. Zoya came and gave some food to both of them and told them that we have to leave early as it’s getting overcast.Within forty-five minutes all were packed up to travel their way down. It started to rain after they that covered more than half their way down. Arjun then shared his love towards rain to Aisha. The path was becoming more difficult to walk now. Aisha suddenly held Arjun’s hand firmly and said “I am scared of lightening.” Arjun made his grip firm too.Soon,they reached down at their starting point.The rained had slowed down as well. It was the time for everyone to head off to their homes. Neither did Aisha nor Arjun wanted to leave. But, they had too. Aisha’s parents were coming to pick her up. Arjun didn’t leave until they arrived.He didn’t want to leave her alone so he waited along. As soon as her parents arrived, he paid his gratitude to her parents and then left .

Arjun was now walking down the Mall Road.He plugged in his earphones and started to walk towards this house. He had a mix bag of emotions of having such a great time with Aisha and also the fact that he will not be able to meet her for the next two weeks as he had to go to Mumbai with his father.A few teardrops rolled down his eye and he just sat on the bench alongside the road. He closed his eyes and just heard Aisha saying “Arjun,I”ll walk any path if you are there to hold me.”This echoed in his ears. This moment just belong to him. Time did fly today for him, but he had created a memory of her echo.  




Silence isn’t empty, its full of answers.

When silence speaks, it creates a sense of completeness between two souls. Hear the silence, maybe it is saying something to you as well.

18 December 2014,was just normal day for most of students in Rock -Land School in Mussoorie, but it wasn’t a normal day for a young sixteen year old boy, Arjun. Arjun, was living in Mussoorie since his childhood. The scenery of the singing birds ,the sun rays making its way between the tall beautiful  mountains,the cool breeze trying to shake the tall handsome Pine tress, was the first thing that Arjun admired when he woke up daily. But,that day was different for him. He didn’t look out of the window instead  sat on his bed and kept thinking about the event that took place in his life yesterday. It was 17th Dec, Arjun was in his classroom and was carefully listening to the lesson being taught by his mathematics teacher. Kabir, poked Arjun with a pen and said that there is something that is really important for him to know. Arjun ignored his friend and said” I’ll listen to you later” and again regained his concentration to his lesson. Kabir was not able to keep this in his stomach, so he kept disturbing him. As they both were sitting at a good distance from the maths teacher to notice them, Arjun crossly looked at Kabir and said “what is it?”. Kabir, was finally successful in making his best friend listen to him. He  started by saying “Keep your heart strong as you might suffer a heart attack right now”. Hearing this, irritated Arjun more and he said please tell him what is it and end the suspense. Kabir told that Aisha confessed  that she likes you. At first Arjun didn’t belief him,but later Kabir made him belief in what he was saying. Arjun suffered a great rush of blood in his body but that didn’t lead to a heart attack. Aisha was the most beautiful girl in this world for Arjun. He always got  nervous while talking to her.Still, he couldn’t digest this fact that she likes him. Before,more thought came in his mind, Kabir said that Aisha is going  to talk to you in the recess today. Arjun was now completely blank about what to do now. Each second passing by made him more nervous. He moved his eyes to were Aisha was sitting and noticed that she looked backed at him and passed him a smile. He was confused at that point that he just took his eyes away from her and started to look down. Finally,the period bell rang which made more bells ring inside Arjun’s heart. It was recess now.He had no clue what to do. He quietly moved out of the class and walked down the stairs. Just then,someone tapped his shoulder. He looked back,Aisha was standing there. She didn’t look more beautiful than she looked at that point. Her hair were playing with the wind,her shinning eyes were looking right into the eyes of Arjun. Arjun turned red. The time and the world had stopped for him. He was not able to see what else was there around that point. Aisha,now tapped his head to make him come out of his day dream and asked that “may I take a walk with you in the field today”. Arjun just positively nodded  but didn’t said anything. They headed towards the school football field.

Nobody spoke for few minutes. Arjun then gained all the courage he had and said that, “Kabir told me that you had feelings for me.” This was the time when Aisha turned red and nodded by saying yes. Hearing ‘yes’ to this, made Arjun go into a dilemma and he couldn’t believe his ears now. She asked him do you too have? Arjun said that” I do respect you a lot,and I always wanted to be at least one of your friend and not just a classmate”. Aisha didn’t expect this and thought that he doesn’t like her but was happy to know  that at least he wants to be friends with her. However,she was still hurt as Arjun didn’t say that even he likes her. Arjun was not aware about what was looking inside Aisha. As,Aisha was in the student council of the school,she had to leave for a student-teacher meet, she smiled at him and went for the meet . Arjun then realised that he didn’t share his feeling for her. He got so annoyed with himself for being so stupid.He was now waiting for the meeting to get over. As soon as the meeting got over, Arjun’s eyes were just searching for Aisha. He saw her and went upto her and said “I wanna talk about something.” They both went a bit far from the crowd and he said that even he likes her and he didn’t say this earlier as he couldn’t belief the fact that such a beautiful girl had feelings for her . The emotions they wanted to share were shared between the two young beautiful souls. They didn’t hug, they didn’t kiss, they didn’t say anything and went back to the classroom having red cheeks. This redness was not due to the chilling weather but was due to the melting of the strong emotions they had. Silence did speak for them.

– RB147

[Guys this is just first part of the story , the other parts will be posted soon]